Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Update

As March opens, I will post some updated information regarding this summer's exhibition. First off, I have added several new works to the image list on the earlier posting. I will be continuing to add new works to this single listing as they come off the drawing board over the next 6 to 7 weeks.

Second, the Woodson and I have been conversing about the opening weekend events in Wausau and it has been established that there will be an opening reception on the evening of June 27 for museum members and special invited guests (read 'special invited guests' to mean lenders to the exhibition as well as friends of the artist!).

On Saturday, June 28, the exhibition will open to the public and I will be presenting a drawing workshop with details on this to be worked out in a month or so. I will post the particulars regarding this event when all is set in stone.

On Sunday, June 29, I will be presenting a lecture/slide presentation on the elements of design and composition that occur in art. This talk will focus on passing along what exactly constitutes a well balanced, appealing and artistically organized work of art with the intention of making attendees aware of the details and nuances that all artists use in the construction of their art, whether that be in a figurative style, such as the way I work, or within the context of abstraction and expressionistic approaches to the blank canvas.

I am very excited about being a part of these events at the museum and if anyone is interested in more information about anything mentioned here, I can be reached via email (a link to which occurs on my home web site in the 'links' list to the right) or by contacting the Woodson through the link also listed here.