Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Early May Update

As those who have been looking in here on the postings to the first entry on this blog page showing the images of the completed works for next month's opening of 'Unknown Bridges' at the Woodson Art Museum, will know, I have added several recently finished works to the image list there.

At the moment, I have on the drawing board, the final work for the exhibition and hope it will be completed later this week or by the Mother's Day weekend at any rate. After posting that image to the February entry here, that will be that!

With the addition of the final work to the pages of the mock up for the book, I expect the book to go to print in the first week of June and be ready by the middle of the month. As mentioned before, I will post information on how the book may be purchased at that time both on this page and on my Pencil Shavings blog page, as well as to post more information on my home web site, www.terrymillerstudio.com.

As mentioned earlier as well, I will be leading a drawing workshop on Saturday, June 28 which will encompass a morning and afternoon session, with a break for lunch in between, at some field locations in Wausau. Information on this program can be had by checking with the Woodson directly on their web site, which is linked on this page.

The Sunday lecture will be from 1:30 to 3:30 on the 29th at the museum and will focus on composition and design in art, a subject near and dear to my heart (as anyone who has followed my Pencil Shavings blog should know). This will take the shape of a talk/slide presentation/gallery walk during which I will endeavor to uncomplicate an understanding of how artists make use of line, color, form, shape and other key elements of design, along with pulling it all together in pleasing, interesting compositional structures, to make good art. And again, all this information will be available on the museum's web site within the next few weeks, so check it out if interested and give them a call.

And a final note . . . this 'project', this Unknown Bridges project that has been ongoing for these last four plus years, has opened my eyes to many new directions that my art can take me. I fully expect that after the hanging of this exhibition next month, and after a period of 'rest' from thoughts of steel girders and bridge beams and nuts and bolts and rivets and such, I will no doubt, find continuing inspiration in the man made world around me. Animals will never lose their place at the top of my subject list, but I do foresee my future work expanding outward from the realm of total focus on the natural world. As an artist, these are directions and paths that must be explored and I have no idea of where it all might lead in the future. But, that is a good place to be and wherever my work leads, I know it will be a fun trip!

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